Modern Neutral Carom Billiards Table In Hawaii


This Hawaiian homeowner needed a pool table that fit their tropical home on the Big Island. With the help of our representative Paul Lockhart, the owner found the perfect fit, and West State Billiards was able to deliver and install this new pool table.

Traditional billiard tables may seem stuffy or at odds with a tropical getaway, yet the La Condo model from Canada Billiards is anything but. It takes the classic profile of a billiards table and modernizes it for the current age. Fully customizable, it offers the perfect place to gather and spend evenings relaxing.

The owners opted for the 8-foot model in the colonial wood finish and Simonis Tournament Blue 760 billiards cloth. For the rail style, they opted for carom billiards, or 3-cushion carom, as it is sometimes called. This means the table does not have pockets and the play is much different. West State’s Paul Lockhart helped the owners in the customization process to get exactly what they wanted.

The colonial finish plays off the wooden flooring, which features planks in various grains and colors, including grays and warm, red-toned browns. These warmer colors are at home in the tropical landscape surrounding the house. It also plays off the other surrounding furniture.

The walls are kept a neutral white to act as a backdrop to the various decorations around the living room. It also helps reflect the ample natural light coming in from the large windows that take up one wall, overlooking the landscaping. There are other windows to supplement the lighting, so no part of the space is left dark.

Keeping the neutral and light theme, the couch and other seats are a plain gray cloth, so they do not stand out. The overall effect is a neutral space that allows the beauty of the surrounding island landscape to be the main feature, with a few pops of green within the room to tie into the backyard.

There is ample space to play carom billiards, with the nearby desk and couch positioned so that players have plenty of room to comfortably line up their shots and play the game with ease. It can also comfortably fit several players for nights when guests want to play competitively.

West State Billiards is proud to offer the best customer service to all our clients, wherever they live. For this special delivery, we flew our crew out to help with the delivery and installation so that these clients could enjoy their new billiards table as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide the best in the industry so more people can enjoy the benefits of these game tables.

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