Customized Pool Table in Carmel Valley, CA

Carmel Valley Customized Pool Table1

These Carmel Valley homeowners wanted a table that fit their laidback, hacienda-style home. West State salesperson Paul Lockhart helped the clients and their designer, Bridget Zemar, find the perfect pool table that met their requirements.

The pool table is located in a raised den area set off from the rest of the house. Natural light streams through the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard. Some natural light also comes in from a set of French doors opposite the den. For anyone wanting to play in the evening or have additional lighting, the room features several recessed lights, along with a modern chandelier hanging right above the pool table.

White walls and light wood flooring also help reflect the available light so that the room never feels dark, even in low lighting. For seating, the room offers an armchair and a table with bar stools. The table is made of white material, with matching chairs that have black backs paired with white cushions. This modern take on seating still feels right at home, playing off the black metal in the chandelier and the railing separating the space from the rest of the house.

Mounted between the two seating options is a small, framed map of the world, with a black frame customized to feature the oceans painted in black as well. The overall feeling is of an Old World map, with continents appearing as if they were made on naturally dyed paper. Off to either side of the separate den area, doors made to look like old Mission features enhance this feeling. So does the storage featured on the far wall, made of dark wood.

With all these warm elements, the homeowners could have opted for an equally dark and traditional pool table. However, this could have resulted in an antiquated look, so instead, they opted for a fully customized Canada Billiards table. The clients and their designer chose Canada Billiards’ Touch table, with sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The wood is white oak, with a custom-matched finish so that the table blends into the room rather than overpowering it. Completing the table’s look is the steel grey billiard cloth. This helps the piece of furniture blend into the background so that it does not overpower any aspect of the design.

It is kept from completely disappearing, however, through the use of the chandelier and the ceiling inlay, which serve as focal points of the room. Each helps give the room a sense of balance, and the homeowners could easily choose to use their new pool table or ignore it depending on their needs. This is especially true when entertaining house guests.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer such high-quality pool tables to all our clients, including these Carmel Valley homeowners. We pride ourselves on making the process as easy as possible, even customizing pool tables to match specific design choices. Our knowledgeable staff can help walk you through the process of choosing and designing the right billiard table for your needs. When you want to create your dream gameroom, come visit one of our three showrooms and find the right match!

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