Urban Chic Pool Table In Fullerton

Fullerton Urban Chic Pool Table1

The owners of this Fullerton residence wanted a table that fit their modern, chic interior. Salesperson Paul Lockhart helped them find the right table to fit their recently redone entertainment space.

Though this residence is a house, it takes inspiration from the cool, chic interiors seen in New York apartments. Dark colors are featured throughout, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The walls are painted a warm gray, so that the room does not feel too cold, with lighter gray flooring providing a surface for light to reflect and keep the space from becoming too dark. This is helped by the number of windows, which provide views to the front and backyards and allow sunlight to filter in no matter the time of day.

One of the walls features a brick fireplace, painted over in a warm black finish with a white mantle. Sitting above the mantle is a flat-screen TV, perfect for watching sports, a movie, or anything else while entertaining guests. It also helps draw the eye into the room, creating a vertical line of sight.

A dark gray rug stretches from the start of the fireplace to the other side of the room, enhancing this line of sight. It also partitions the large room into an area for the pool table and a place where guests can sit. A niche off to the right side of the room offers just enough space for a set of armchairs and an end table, so that guests can easily sit down and enjoy TV or a round of pool, all while having a place to set down their food and drinks.

To the other side of the room is an area for other game furniture and whatever else the homeowners need. This also helps further frame the pool table as the center of the room. This Diamond Pro-Am model embraces the darker, more modern side of pool tables. The homeowners opted to finish it in Black PRC, with a stunning Tournament Blue Simonis billiards cloth. The blue is a shock to the otherwise neutral space but is effective because it only serves as an accent color. In a room built to look modern and chic, this pop of color helps draw the eye to the main attraction.

The owners are sure to get hours of gameplay from their newest Diamond model. The Pro-Am is the highest-grade commercial table, favored by professionals and pool enthusiasts alike. Even better, it is an extremely quiet ball return table, meaning play is comfortably soft and not too loud for those players who don’t want to disturb other guests in the house.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer such high-quality pool tables to all our customers across the nation. Our salespeople are especially knowledgeable and can help you choose the right one for your entertainment space. We also offer delivery and installation, so great technicians like Steve Leistikow can install your pool table and you can enjoy it right away. When you need a new addition to your den or home, trust West State to help make your dream gameroom come to life!

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