Industrial Pool Table In Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City Industrial Pool Table

This Utah apartment complex needed a source of entertainment in their main common area for residents. With a modern look, the client wanted a pool table to match. West State salesperson Paul Lockhart helped the design company find the right fit.

This large space provides enough room for parties, hangouts, or anything else the tenants of this apartment complex might need. One half of the room is made of floor-to-ceiling windows. These bring in plenty of natural light, even when Salt Lake City is at its gloomiest. For late-night soirees or added privacy, curtains frame each set of windows and can easily be drawn shut.

The rest of the room is painted white, to help reflect what light comes in and provide a neutral backdrop for the rest of the design features. Hanging from the ceiling is a modern, sculptural chandelier. It is composed of three pyramid shapes, each made of lighting strips that provide soft, diffuse lighting. Also offering a reflective but neutral surface is the concrete flooring. While normally, this would make a space feel cold, a variety of rugs and comfortable seating help bring warmth into the space.

The concrete flooring also reflects the industrial look of the apartment building and the area where the complex sits. It brings a modern look. The rugs reflect that modern sensibility, featuring neutral tones of beige, grey, and cream. Patterns are also kept to a minimum, save for the pillows and rugs, which feature geometric patterns.

To the left of the space is a cream-colored couch with a variety of grey pillows. A glass coffee table separates the space between the couch and the two armchairs. They are brown, with industrial-style legs in metal.

Along the glass wall, there is a bar top with stools that looks out on the cityscape. It is a great place for coffee or setting down your drinks during a party. This is adjacent to another cream-colored couch with similar pillows as the other one, also facing the street. Creating another seating area is a beige area rug. Two couches sit across from each other, with a wooden, structural coffee table as a centerpiece.

Unlike the rest of the seating areas, the pool table sits on the concrete, filling in a much-needed space in the room. The client opted for a California House model. The Austin model is a modern-looking pool table with a visible wood grain and distressed finish. This particular unit was finished in Caramel, which highlights the grays in the natural wood material. It also features a gray billiards cloth to continue the neutral, industrial theme.

With enough space for several players, this was the perfect choice for this common room. There’s enough seating for everyone without crowding players during their game of pool. It also helps turn this cold, lobby-like space into an area that actually feels welcoming for tenants and their guests.

West State Gamerooms and Billiards is proud to offer the highest quality pool tables for our clients nationwide. No matter the design, whether industrial like this apartment complex, or something more rustic, we have the models that fit your style. Our knowledgeable staff can help you and your designers choose the right make and model for your needs. When you want to create your dream game room, trust West State!

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