How the Kline Residence Increased their Fun by 100% – Getting a Custom Olhausen Waterfall Pool Table!


When it comes to quality accept no substitutes. For this posh residence our client commissioned a custom Waterfall table manufactured by Olhausen Billiards.

This particular table was manufactured with a high gloss automotive finish on the rails and brushed aluminum for the aprons and base assembly.

Not every home is created equal, and some installations are more difficult than others. Well this project takes the cake for uniqueness of difficulty.
While this Newport Beach residence was under construction the client rented a crane to facilitate the placement of the pool table in their third floor game room.

With the assistance of the crane, our world class installers Steve Velasco and Joe Fuentes exercised their expertise to provide our client with the truest,
and most precise playing experience available.

Olhausen Waterfall pool table
size: 8′
finish: Automotive high gloss black and brushed aluminum.
cloth: Simonis 860  Slate Grey

Cue rack:
“Modern” floor rack by Golden West Billiards MFG.
Finish: black and Brushed aluminum.

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