New California House Gameroom Showcase from the Berty Residence


The Berty Residence,

This elegant space has been furnished exclusively with Califonia House game room furniture. From the pool table to bar and seating, this project required the highest quality of furniture available. With the Pailsades pool table gracing the center of the room. The Marin bar and City pub table provide the consumer with a myriad of entertainment options for their guests, whether on the table or off. California House products are manufactured of meticulously chosen materials and finished to the highest standards in the billiard industry. The quality of the product will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment with the look to impress even the most discerning design critic.

Palisades pool table
finish: London
cloth: Couture Oscar

Cal House dining top
finish: London

CR550 spectator chair
finish: London
fabric: Hex Gravel

Marin bar
size: 60″
finish: London

S9530 Barstools
finish: Longon
fabric:Hex Gravel

City pub table:
size: 30″
finish: London

City storage bench
finish: Longon
fabric: Avanti Black

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