Organic Industrial Pool Table In Salt Lake City, UT

Organic Industrial

The designers for this Salt Lake City apartment complex wanted a piece of game furniture that fit the common area’s more industrial, modern look. West State’s own Paul Lockhart helped them find the suitable model for this space. California House’s District pool table was the perfect fit for a sophisticated look.

Every aspect of this design reflects Utah’s natural beauty, especially the Salt Lake City area. Using natural materials with an industrial twist brings the natural and man-made world together. A bar seating area dominates one side of the room. Two shelves, painted in a soft sage green, frame the granite-like surround with a set of TVs for entertainment.

The shelves offer ample space for books, sculptural pieces, and plants to bring some greenery. The bottom of these units also rests on closed cupboards for hidden storage. In the foreground is the bar area, made of gray tile that looks like the concrete floor. A piece of lacquered wood acts as the table, with seating provided by modern orange chairs.

To the other side of the bar are sets of modern, industrial-style blue chairs around café tables. These are great for offering even more space for everyone to sit, whether they are enjoying the television, pool table, or something else.

The other wall is dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors leading to an outdoor courtyard. This provides ample lighting during the day and makes the concrete and other industrial materials shine. The corners of the walls are painted gray to help keep attention on the view outside, with a mounted cue rack for easy storage when the pool table isn’t in use.

An adjoining wall also features a breakfast bar with a dishwasher, sink, and microwave for public use. Like those under the shelves, the cupboards are also made of natural grain wood. Everything is built around the centerpiece: the pool table.

A sculptural chandelier provides some light, with help from recessed lighting hidden just above. It provides a focal point for the pool table just underneath it. This California House piece is the District model. Of all California House’s models, this one perfectly balances function, form, and beauty. The legs have inset features to create a sculptural look, much like the recessed TV nook and architectural shelves.

A darker shuffleboard also occupies part of the window space, but it does not intrude on the view. Its darker color helps the eye ignore it in favor of the outdoors when not in use, and the wooden surface also reflects the natural wood elements.

The client chose a dry, white oak, which perfectly matches in tone and grain to the other wooden elements, including the ceiling and cupboards. To draw from the different colors in the room, it has a blue billiards cloth, matched to the café chairs and abstract art around the room. This perfectly fuses the natural world and its colors in a more modern setting.

This apartment complex is equipped to provide entertainment to its residents for years to come. Like all the brands West State offers, California House units are built to last for years despite the roughest play. Pairing these models with other forms of entertainment also makes sure there is no shortage of exciting games to play. With enough space to accommodate a group of pool players, the residents of this complex are sure to enjoy many evenings here.

West State Billiards & Gamerooms is proud to offer only the highest quality of billiards and game room furniture. Our staff is also highly knowledgeable, so even a newcomer feels welcome and can make an educated decision. Visit our store online or one of our three showrooms in Southern California to find your perfect game room table today!

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