Natural, African-Inspired Pool Table In Tustin, CA

North African

Once again, West State Billiards paired up with Corporate Business Interiors (CBI) to create a unique entertainment space for the tenants of this Tustin apartment complex. Our very own Paul Lockhart helped the designers choose the best model and finish to complement their design.

To create a unique space, the designers used both the inside and outside spaces, creating a flow between both. Though the common area still features a traditional glass door to get inside, it also features a wall of windows that can easily be rolled up like a garage door to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This feature also creates the illusion of a much larger space, with the windows providing lighting and fresh air for residents.

The centerpiece of this room is the large, bleached tree in the center. Its sculpture-like branches and thick trunk are well-preserved and reminiscent of the dried vegetation often found on Africa’s savannas. Despite this natural appearance, it is still sturdy and holds a set of four swings, two on either side. It is also surrounded by a low wall tiled with Moroccan-style designs. The muted, sunbaked hues are perfect for adding a subtle pop of color in a room dominated by natural woods.

At the front and back of the tree are benches. Each is made of a warm wood, polished to a shine, with upholstered cushions. While the seating is a neutral off-white that plays off the color of the preserved tree, the back cushions feature a geometric design in black. It resembles the famous kente seen often in Ghana, though with a neutral twist.

To mimic the sunbaked ground of North Africa, the designers opted for rectangular marble tiles featuring a range of browns in abstract patterns. This organic pattern is mimicked in the nearby seating areas and available desks. Notably, it is also present in the stain of the pool table.

The geometric lattice creates a barrier between the TV area and the rest of the entertainment space. It remains open, so the space does not feel closed off, but provides just enough privacy to mark where one space ends and the other begins.

CBI’s designers opted for the District pool table from California House. Its legs mirror the geometric designs found in the fabrics and metalwork throughout the room, finished in a caramel stain. This enhances the darker whorls found in the wood naturally and helps warm up the color so that it fits the desert-like North African theme. To remain neutral, the designers

also opted for black billiards cloth. Rather than drawing attention from the tree centerpiece, this focuses solely on the table and the design elements around it.

The residents of this apartment complex are sure to enjoy hours of fun. With such high-quality rails and a perfectly level surface, gameplay is easy to set up and enjoy. West State Billiards is proud to offer such high-quality pieces, including those from California House, for all our customers. We also pride ourselves on helping clients create their dream entertainment spaces. You can visit us online or one of our three Southern California showrooms and begin creating your dream space today.

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