Natural Pool Table In Kona Home

Kona Natural Pool Table 2

The owners of this home in Kona, Hawaii wanted a pool table that reflected the beauty of the island foliage and the natural materials used in the home. With a large entertainment space, they also needed the right table to act as a centerpiece.

The space makes the most of the view outside with a set of glass doors that lead to an adjoining room of wall-to-wall windows. This allows for a clear line of sight to the tropical landscape outside. It also allows natural light to enter the home and keeps the home and entertainment space light and bright during the day. To help make the most of this feature, the walls are painted in a reflective white paint. There are also feature walls paneled in thin wood planks, polished to show off the grain. This wood continues to the vaulted ceiling.

Continuing this natural look is the floor, which is sealed concrete reminiscent of the rocks and other features found outside. While this might feel cold in some homes, this Kona residence uses rugs and warm-toned wood to keep everything from feeling too modern. The concrete also takes advantage of the warm climate, because it offers a natural cooling surface to combat the high heat and humidity of Hawaiian summers.

The dark blue rug in the room helps designate between seating and playing space. A navy blue couch faces the opposite wall, which features a television and built-in shelving. There is enough space for the entire family to watch television comfortably. For contrast, this area features a white rug. Across from this is the pool table, bordered by that dark blue rug with armchairs for guests to sit in during a visit or while watching a round of pool.

Between these two areas is a West State Designer brand. The owners chose the 9-foot Parsons pool table to serve as a focal point and statement piece for the room. This pool table is made of solid walnut and finished with oil to allow the natural wood grain to shine. It also features standard rail widths and the Charcoal Invitational billiards cloth with Teflon for added durability. Sales representative Paul Lockhart helped the clients choose the exact options to achieve the look they wanted.

To meet our clients’ needs, we shipped the table to their home in Hawaii and flew out our own install crew to make sure everything was perfectly set up. This way, the owners could enjoy their newest piece of game furniture without the hassle of setting it up themselves. With the addition of this feature, they are sure to enjoy hours of gameplay.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer high-quality pool tables and game room furniture, along with the best customer service in the industry. Our goal is to make your dream game room come to life, even if you don’t know where to start! Every staff member is knowledgeable in the industry’s best makes and models so they can walk you through the selection and customization process. When your work with West State, you are sure to find the perfect pool table for your entertainment needs!

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