Midcentury Modern Pool Table In Mountain View

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This Mountain View residence needed a pool table that would fit their retro chic, midcentury modern design. To meet the clients’ vision, we worked with the interior design firm Jules Wilson Interior Design to create a table that was just the right fit.

This establishment features a clean, well-lit entertainment room and lounge for their guests. Sliding glass doors lead to an outdoor seating area and help connect the inside to the outside. The use of clean lines contrasted with straight, geometric shapes acts as a connection between the design of the indoors and out.

Clean, geometric shapes are a significant feature of this interior design, giving it a midcentury modern vibe. Both the indoor and outdoor chairs feature rounded backs that recall a semi-circle where they end at the front. Outside, the chairs are within metal frames that are also rounded in the back and each rod is crosshatched to create a wicker-like texture.

Café tables in a deep green finish provide the much-needed contrast of a circular table compared to the straight lines found elsewhere in the room. Whether diagonal, parallel, or squared off, the defining feature is certainly the tile and other furniture. Doors are inlaid with diagonal lines cut into the material, while the tile features a variety of geometric designs meant to create abstract art on the floor.

The tiles also feature the same shade of green found in the tables. They give an unexpected pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. Greys, beige, and whites are the dominant colors and set a relaxing atmosphere while allowing the few pops of colors to stand out independently without overwhelming the viewer.

A dining table and kitchenette form one part of the lounge, leading into the entertainment space. Here, the pool table takes center stage. This piece is a Brunswick Matanza, finished in the latest offering by Brunswick, the sand wash finish. This allows the grain of the wood to stand out while the lines and the grooves of the table are filled in with whitewash. The owners chose an olive-colored cloth to match the green featured in the tables and flooring.

Like the rest of the furniture in the room, this Brunswick model is geometric and symmetrical in design. A long board splits the table down the middle, with buttress-like legs coming out of it to form right angles and act as the actual legs and support. The overall effect is something that is both cool, modern, and very retro chic without feeling dated.

Everything in the design works together to create a harmonious yet 70s-inspired design that will surely be a hit with guests and staff alike. West State was proud to help design and deliver the Brunswick Mantanza table to this Mountain View residence.

When you work with our staff, you are sure to find the pool table to fit your dream game room. Every one of our representatives is knowledgeable and can walk you through the process of finding and customizing the perfect billiards table for your space. Contact us or visit one of our three Southern California showrooms to get started on your dream game room today!

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