Modern Convertible Pool Table In Henderson, NV

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The owner of this Nevada home wanted a versatile pool table that could function as both a source of entertainment and a place to gather with family and friends for a meal. West State was able to find the perfect model for their needs.

The space is open in design, with many windows featured on each wall, and a large sliding glass door that allows natural light to shine through. Adding even more light are the opening into the second floor, which also features large windows, and a clear front door with a view to the outdoors.

Neutral white walls and floor tiles keep the area light and airy. The high gloss finish of the tiles helps reflect the sunshine coming from outside too. Industrial and natural elements are also featured, to create a modern, minimalist style. Combined, the effect is a clean space perfect for hosting parties or enjoying a meal while soaking in the weather of Henderson, Nevada.

This does not mean that the space is inherently boring despite the neutral tones used throughout. An industrial metal banister adds texture through the smooth surface and the wood features its natural grain to provide visual interest. The contrast between the high gloss tiles, smooth but muted metallic banister, and natural wood allows there to be interest in a design that would otherwise be one-note.

To add even more interest, the rug beneath the pool table is shaggy and features blue as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral toned space. It also helps anchor the pool table in an otherwise open space where there are no walls to delineate between the different spheres of activities, including the living room and kitchen.

Into this room comes the Canada Billiard Maze pool table. The clash between luxurious extravagance and clean modernism leads to this beautiful, refined table. There is nothing traditional about this pool table, especially this particular installation, which features a high gloss, black finish. To increase its versatility, the table comes with a dining top, which can be taken off within minutes to reveal the pool table surface underneath.

Clean lines add to the modern feel of the entertainment space, but the pool table still features a traditional tabletop that can withstand hours of gameplay. It might look like the table is lighter than air, but in reality, this is a sturdy piece of game room furniture. The table legs are modern in their style, too, with plenty of open space to match the equally open atmosphere around the piece of furniture.

When choosing the billiard cloth, the owners opted for a dark blue, Teflon-coated cloth to pull out the blue tones in the carpet. It also provides another pop of color in the space. Rather than using a neutral color, which would allow the piece to blend in, this dark blue brings attention to it without being obviously out of place or overpowering. An added advantage to this billiard cloth is that the Teflon coating helps resist spills, stains, and damage that can happen over time.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms delivered this table to this gorgeous Henderson, Nevada home, and it was sold by our associate Paul Lockhart. Though we mainly service the Southern California area, we were proud and ecstatic to help these Nevada homeowners create the entertainment space of their dreams. Our installation experts also helped set up the table so the family could begin playing right away.

When it comes to high quality, long-lasting pool tables, you can trust West State to provide just what you need. Every brand we carry is held to a high standard of quality and can endure hours, and even years, of gameplay with little effect on how the table plays. Trust our staff to help you find the right table. Come visit one of our three showrooms in Southern California or contact us today and start creating the space of your dreams!


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