Modern Structural Pool Table In Newport Coast

Modern Structural Pool Table4

This shared space needed a focal piece to fill the room and provide entertainment. Design company Bliss Interiors worked with West State salesperson, Paul Lockhart, to choose the right table for their project in Newport Coast. It needed to fit the modern space without clashing with everything else.

With bench seating, this area is perfect for playing a round of pool. Though small, it still offers enough space for players to gather and play comfortably without crowding each other. The bench is built into the wall, which frees up space for tenants. It is upholstered in dark blue velvet, which plays off the dark blue billiards fabric and the strands of blue found in the rug. This large area rug is also in a soft gray and outlines the playing area around the pool table.

The area uses walls to create separate spaces for tenants and their guests. The walls are split in half, with warm gray wainscoting on the bottom and white walls at the top. Every other wall changes so that it is paneled in a light-colored wood that is reflected in the flooring. These keep the room feeling bright, despite the lack of windows in the immediate entertaining area.

Three pendant lights hang above the pool table, featuring neutral-colored lampshades encased in metal caging that offers a modern twist. It also offers a contrast to the mostly matte finishes found around the space. These are perfect for highlighting and grounding the table in the space, and they can also be used to create a comfortable, well-lit atmosphere for players.

For this design, the interior designers chose West State’s Wedge table in a chestnut finish and with a navy billiards cloth. It ties into the coastal colors throughout the room. The chestnut finish also brings warmth to the space. There are only two legs, set at opposing angles. Though it looks precarious, the table is sturdy. The design only makes it architectural in design.

With careful measurements, the designers determined an 8-foot pool table would be ideal for the space. Billiards and pool tables come in a range of sizes, so it was important to find the right one that would still allow enough room for players while still offering entertaining gameplay. With high-quality slate and a leveling system to ensure fair play.

West State is thankful to have worked with Bliss Interiors for their design in Newport Beach, specifically the Newport Coast neighborhood. Finding the right pool table to meet a client’s needs is important to us, so we take the time to explore all available options. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the decision-making process so you can find the right game furniture for your dream game room. We offer the best pool tables and game furniture in the industry, so you can enjoy hours of gameplay.

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