Contemporary Pool Table In Springdale, OH

Springdale Contemporary Pool Table3

The owners of this apartment complex in Springdale, Ohio, wanted a pool table to add to their complex’s entertainment and gathering space. Sales representative Paul Lockhart helped choose the right size and model to fit the small common room.

When it comes to furnishing an apartment complex, space can become an issue. In the case of this entertainment area, it is long but thin, limiting what furniture could fit. To make the most of the existing space, the designers at Studio 5 Interiors opted for pieces of furniture that were long and tall, making the most of the wall space. This includes two sets of café tables and chairs that are set against the walls. The remaining seating is set against a built-in bar.

Though the walls are painted in white, they are far from boring. The designers brightened them up with a variety of different art pieces, including three metal sculptures representing people and a black and white abstract painting. They also chose to paint two accent walls a bright green to counteract the gloomy Ohio weather and plain white walls. It gives the space a bright, modern look.

Furthering the modern aesthetic is the use of metal lines throughout, especially in the sculptural wall hangings and café furniture. It can also be seen in the art and the sculptural chandelier. It is composed of two hanging LED rods that light up the pool table beneath. It also adds extra lighting when there is little light coming from the skylights. The room is finished off with geometric designs in paintings above the storage cabinets and the carpet beneath.

In order to make the most of limited space, the apartment complex opted for the 8-foot Canada Billiards Industria model. This was the perfect choice for a contemporary living space, with a modern trestle style composed of industrial metal. The top of the table is made of solid white birch, stained with Scandinavian Grey to fit the contemporary look found in the rest of the entertainment space. Black Champ Invitational felt completes the look. Accu-level Billiards helped deliver and assemble the table on-site.

What makes this pool table especially appealing is its dual purpose as a piece of game furniture and a dining table. Not pictured are two panels that slot into the top to create a smooth dining service. Tenants can use the table however they need, all while saving space.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer high-quality pool tables and game furniture to clients across the United States. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help walk clients through the selection process so that they are satisfied with their purchase. We also hand-delivery the pool tables and set them up so you can get to enjoying your latest purchase right away! Explore our offerings online or visit one of our three Southern California showrooms.

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