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La Condo Table Tennis

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Both exceptional ping pong table and conventional dining table, the La Condo Ping Pong from CANADA BILLIARD is a luxurious product with limitless potential. Completed with a wide range of assorted accessories, dining room and conference room will be profoundly transformed by the versatility of this convertible ping pong table.
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White (White Birch Wood) Black (White Birch Wood) Natural (White Birch Wood) Caramel (White Birch Wood) Medium Walnut (White Birch Wood) Colonial (White Birch Wood) Scandinave Grey (White Birch Wood) Shadow Grey (White Birch Wood) Antique (White Birch Wood) Midnight Stroll (White Birch Wood) Bordeaux (White Birch Wood) Victorian (White Birch Wood) Chocolate (White Birch Wood) Tuxedo (White Birch Wood) Stainless Steel +$2,680.00 Black (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Natural (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Caramel (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Medium Walnut (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Colonial (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Scandinave Grey (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Shadow Grey (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Antique (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Midnight Stroll (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Bordeaux (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Victorian (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Chocolate (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Tuxedo (White Oak Wood) +$4,000.00 Walnut Oil Finish (Walnut Wood) +$4,000.00

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