Diamond Light 7-Foot



The Diamond Professional Table Light offers unsurpassed design and illumination characteristics. The uniformly defused light reflects straight down eliminating ball, corner, cut, and cushion shadows. Each ball is clearly defined anywhere on the table from any angle. The frame is constructed of table matching hardwood precisely following table rail contour and corner treatment. A shallow draft allows either flush or suspended mounting.

The Diamond Professional Table Light never overwhelms. Attention is focused on the playing surface. This understatement results in classic, functional elegance for any room.

Dimensions: 62″ x 22″


7’ Light – 4 LED Tubes

TOCOR Lighting (502)454-4500 — www.tocor.com — [email protected]

KEYSTONE 15 watt- double pin-KT-LED15T8GC-850-D

Diamond and West State Billiards do not provide bulbs, hang lights, nor wire lights.

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