Upscale Pool Table And Shuffleboard In Los Angeles, CA

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The owners of this Los Angeles residence wanted a pool table and shuffleboard setup that matched their upscale, modern look. West State salesperson Paul Lockhart helped these clients choose the right fit and customize them to suit their style.

Rather than a traditional entertainment room, the open floor plan separates the different spaces with colors and subtle indicators that show you are entering a new space. The walls transition from a bright white to a warm gray, and the actual room is carved out from under the second floor, with framing that clearly defines where the area begins and ends. Further creating this division between zones is the accent wall. It features wallpaper in a recurring diamond motif and showcases a variety of warm grays and some black to provide visual interest and contrast. This keeps the walls from looking too boring and helps draw the eye toward the proposed hangout area.

Because of the open floor plan, space was less of a worry. This allowed some play between the spacing and set up of these gorgeous pieces of game furniture. To either side of the game tables are a pair of barstools and a table that allow guests, friends, or family to mingle and sit around, even if they are not involved in a game. It also creates an ambience reminiscent of an upscale bar that you might find in LA’s most prestigious hangouts.

The flooring is kept a neutral, light tone, which helps it blend in, rather than stand out. With so many accent features, this helps keep the design from becoming too busy. A blue couch marks where the living room and general seating area begins, upholstered in a plush finish, with an array of pillows for guests’ comfort. It is flanked by modern side tables, each featuring a golden base that plays off the lighting above the billiards table in the entertainment area.

Though the space is well-lit, with glass railings allowing any available light to pass through onto the first floor below, and a set of three large pendant lights, the design makes use of another pendant lighting feature above the pool table. This helps to call attention to the game room and its furniture, while also serving as a grounding point and frame for the space. Unlike the other décor, this piece is more sculptural and makes use of a variety of lines to create visual interest. The lights are positioned so they appear to be floating over the pool table, while providing players a way to see the game clearly.

In keeping with this modern design, the clients chose Brunswick’s Brixton pool table and shuffleboard. Each is finished in a dark gray that is light enough to highlight the wood grain without looking completely washed out or dingy. The shuffleboard sits against the far back wall,

with enough space to play the game while remaining out of the way for any pool players. A TV also sits right above it, which helps the table look like it is supposed to belong there, rather than as an afterthought.


Meanwhile, the Brunswick pool table features a dark gray billiards cloth to keep with the color scheme. Like the shuffleboard, it features a pair of legs crossed at the center to form an X shape, lending it stability and recalling the diamond motif on the wallpaper. Solid wood also offers durability, ensuring this piece will stand up to years of gameplay.


West State is proud to offer only the best pool tables and game furniture in the industry. Our clients deserve something that will last for years to come and provide entertainment for people of all ages. When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your dream game room, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right one and customize it to your liking. With help from West State Billiards and Gamerooms, you can achieve this look and many more.

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