Contemporary Pool Table & Shuffleboard In Lake Havasu, AZ Home

Lake havasu

These owners wanted a pair of gaming tables that would provide hours of entertainment and act as a focal point for their Lake Havasu residence. West State Billiards salesperson Paul Lockhart helped them find the perfect fit to match their modern interior.

The entertainment space is divided into the pool table area and the living room, where the shuffleboard is located. Along one wall is a bar area, featuring a peninsula with marble countertops in brown and black. The inset is also painted black to match the shelves, bar shelves, and metal fixtures. Even the bar stools match, made in an industrial style that has seen a rise in popularity in the past few years. Complementing the overall look and providing some visual contrast is a backsplash of tiles in various gray tones.

Perpendicular to this bar area is the pool table. It is a California House Atherton model, with an onyx finish and Teflon-coated billiards cloth in camel. It fits into the warm black tones found throughout this area, and the camel cloth helps bring out the colors of the floor, providing a balance of light and dark.

Providing the space with natural light is a set of folding glass doors that lead outside to a pool and backyard. This lets the sun come in and keep everything from getting too dark, even in the evenings. It also helps keep the rest of the room feel light and airy. This helps supplement the softer light coming in from another set of windows, which are much smaller.

The other part of the room is set up as a living room and entertainment area. A white couch forms the border between the open spaces. This room is more narrow than wide, which meant the owners had to get creative with adding the shuffleboard. Despite these limitations, the shuffleboard managed to fit into the space and stay out of the way, so it is always available for a game without impeding the flow of people between the areas.

This model is an Olhausen Pavilion. In order to match the décor, the owners opted for a black finish. It also showcases the same warm undertones found in the other features. Like all Olhausen products, this game table is made from solid wood and features a flat-paneled cabinet. This ensures that players get the most out of their hours of gameplay. It also features Olhausen’s Accu-Lock leveling system to ensure a smooth service.

These homeowners now have two game tables that will stand up to years of gameplay. Whether they play regularly, or occasionally, both are built to last. West State is proud to offer the best in the game furniture and pool tables to our customers. Our mission has always been to provide

the highest quality in service and build, which means you can trust our knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

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