This process was by no means easy. The group approached their goal with three strategies in mind. First, they used the table in major tournament events to gain recognition and test their design. They also sought comments and advice from the most experienced, top professionals in the industry about their table’s playability, and used this feedback to refine their design by adding features that would improve its performance as part of their third strategy. One of those features were the pockets, which required various finetuning to get the right degree of difficulty, or ‘tightness,’ by manipulating the cut angle and pocket size.

Through their hard work and rigorous trials, these players refined each and every feature of their pool table to create the ultimate playing experience. Since this humble beginning, the Diamond Professional has been through over 100 major tournaments, with many changes and refinements made along the way. This pool table was designed by players for players. You can expect design features found in no other table, features that have made Diamond the industry standard for tournaments, commercial pool venues, and home entertainment.

Every piece of a Diamond pool table is manufactured to meet their rigorous standards. All their tables are constructed from solid hardwoods, preassembled at the factory by hand, and tested to ensure it meets their exacting standards. These rigid qualifications, together with the large amount of on-hand craftsmanship, means that no Diamond table will ever be mass produced. The company only produces as much volume as their high standards allow them to make.

At every stage of the process, Diamond Billiards’ quality craftsmanship and philosophy informs how the table is carefully constructed. They take the lighting, the balls, the cloth, and even how comfortably players can sit between rounds at the table into account. Diamond also offers wood-matched lighting fixtures so that every inch of the playing surface is uniformly illuminated without the lights distracting the players.

The original Diamond Professional features 7’, 8’, or 9’ Brazilian slate with a thickness of 25mm for one solid piece or 30mm for 3 pieces. This slate is supported by massive 5” beams, so no worries about the slate or table breaking here! All rails are made from genuine oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, or Dymondwood. Four 3/8” bolts keep the slate in place and diamond inlaid sights are perfectly matched. The rail top is also rounded to allow better rail shots with no metal elements that could damage cues or catch on the cloth. Every table features K-55 cushions, their signature pockets, and feet with a built-in leveling system for perfect play.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer Diamond’s high quality pool tables. As one of the best in the industry, you can trust Diamond Billiards for a durable pool table that will stand the test of time and last generations. Need help deciding which model is right for your needs? The professional team at West State can walk you through the process and help you find the right table for your home entertainment needs. Visit one of our three showrooms today and find the gorgeous Diamond that will be the crowning jewel of your gameroom!

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