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Pro-Am or Smart Table

The DIAMOND Smart Table™ and the DIAMOND Pro Am play exactly the same. They have the same cushions, the same slate, the same pocket openings, the same leveling system, the same cloth, and the same rails. Below we list the features and benefits that make the Smart Table™ a better choice for prospective pool room owners. Both are also available in 7′. FEATURE: The 9′ Smart TableTM comes standard with a second coin mechanism that permits timed play. The timer allows the table to operate for 30 minutes at a time. A coin mechanism can be setup to accept dollar coins. This coin mechanism is positioned to actuate a timer with the coin slide. BENEFIT: The table keeps track of the time and accepts the money, thereby eliminating the need for a person to perform the same function. This person can be used for other purposes: serving food, serving drinks, cleaning, and in general monitoring the people in the room. FEATURE: The money is stored inside of the table. BENEFIT: The money is safe from theft. FEATURE: The table’s mechanisms are simple and reliable. BENEFIT: The table’s reliability makes it available to be played on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SUMMARY: The 9′ Smart TableTM is like an employee that never calls in sick, never lies, cheats, or steals, and you only have change its shirt once a year. It is an employee that works 24 hours a day without supervision.
Table Dimensions: 7′ DIMENSIONS: 94″ X 54″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 800LBS 8′ DIMENSIONS: 104″ X 59″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1000LBS 9′ DIMENSIONS: 114″ X 64″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1200LBS
Apple Green $0.00 Black $0.00 Blue Green $0.00 Burgundy $0.00 Burnt Orange $0.00 Camel $0.00 Chartreuse $0.00 Dark Green $0.00 Dusty Pink $0.00 Electric Blue $0.00 English Green $0.00 Espresso $0.00 Fushia $0.00 Gold $0.00 Grey $0.00 Marine Blue $0.00 Mocha $0.00 Olive $0.00 Orange $0.00 Petroleum Blue $0.00 Powder Blue $0.00 Purple $0.00 Red $0.00 Royal Blue $0.00 Simonis Green $0.00 Slate Grey $0.00 Spruce $0.00 Tournament Blue $0.00 Wine $0.00
Black PRC $0.00 Espresso PRC $0.00 Cherry on Oak Wood +$600.00 Cherry on Maple Wood +$800.00

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