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Pro Am Pool Table




1. SLATE 7′, 8′, and 9′ table are equipped with 1″ 1-piece slate. 2. CLOTH Available in a wide assortment Simonis Cloth colors 3. RAILS Unique Dymondwood® that is burn and dent resistant. Phenolic resin pressed into the material gives the wood its durability and luster. Dymondwood® is available in 4 different colors; Rosewood, Charcoal, Walnut, and Golden Oak. 4. CUSHIONS Tour specified K-55 profile offers quick response. An additional ¼” top rail backing wood has been engineered between the cushion and the feather strip channel to provide consistent rail speed. 5. POCKETS Patent pending bi-level design is flush to the rail. Shooting out of the pocket is just as easy as shooting off the rail. 6. WEDGE LEVELING SYSTEM Matchless wedge leveling system built right into the slate bed. Allows the slate to be leveled without removing the rail system. 7. BALL RETURN Extremely quiet and efficient ball return. Pocketed balls are collected in the center of the table, then gravity fed to tail end of table. Access doors allow for entry into ball return to remove any foreign objects effortlessly. 8. FEET Leveling block is built right into the leg of the Pro-Am. As the ¾” nut is turned, each leg can be raised or lowered with ease for precise leveling.   Table Dimensions 7′ DIMENSIONS: 94″ X 54″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 800LBS 8′ DIMENSIONS: 104″ X 59″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1000LBS 9′ DIMENSIONS: 114″ X 64″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1200LBS
Burgundy (Not Available in 860HR) Tournament Blue Gold (Not Available in 860HR) Tournament Green Red (Not Available in 860HR) Dark Green (Not Available in 860HR) Electric Blue (Not Available in 860HR) Blue Green (Not Available in 860HR) Royal Blue (Not Available in 860HR) Camel (Not Available in 860HR)
Black PRC Espresso PRC Cherry Finish on Oak Wood +$600.00 Cherry Finish on Maple Wood +$800.00

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