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Like our premium designs, all our tables, pool cues, foosball tables and more are designed and built around our three founding principles: offer the highest quality, sell at the best prices, and provide exceptional customer service and support. Our furniture is created with our customers in mind. Regardless of your personal interior décor or budget, we believe that there is a table out there for everyone.

Budget should not impact the quality of your game furniture. From our designer brand to our most affordable option, all our designs are built from the finest woods, including walnut, maple, and oak. They also feature our unique leg-leveling system to ensure the playing field is even, so you can enjoy a game no matter the terrain. With our game tables, you can enjoy hours of fun with friends and family.

When most people think about affordable furniture, they think lower quality and a simple, boring design. At West State, we believe affordable should not mean boring. Our designs are sleek, elegant, and would look beautiful as a centerpiece to any entertainment space. Each piece is versatile enough to handle a range of moods, from a family room to a more intimate game room setting. No matter what look you are going for, you are sure to find something to your liking.

Our range of finishes enhance the look and feel of our tables. The best woods should be allowed to shine, so our finishes make sure to highlight everything, from the grain to the natural beauty. Even the darkest colors shine. Our team can help you find the right finish for maximum impact. To make it even more customized, we also offer a range of high-quality, Teflon-coated billiards cloth that comes in a range of colors. Pick a color that accents your walls, your design, or enhances the natural color of wood; the choice is up to you. As a bonus, the Teflon coating prevents stains and damage caused by accidental spills or scuffs.

Since our humble beginnings as a pool hall and billiard cloth wholesaler, we have expanded our stores and our knowledge of the billiard and game furniture industry. Seventy years of experience has given us the skills and standards fitting of even the most expensive brands. No matter your level of experience with billiards or anything else, you can be sure to enjoy the game with a West State game table.

Come visit one of our three showrooms across Southern California to find the right table for you. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through your decisions and help with ordering your customized pool table. When it finally arrives, we can even deliver and install it right at home so you can begin playing right away. Call or visit us to start building your dream entertainment space today!

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