Natural Wood Pool Table And Shuffleboard In Los Feliz, CA

los feliz

The homeowners of this Los Feliz, Los Angeles residence wanted a pair of game tables to fit in a spare room that they wanted to serve as an entertainment space. With help from West State salesperson Paul Lockhart, they chose a pool table and shuffleboard from West State Designer brand.

This room features recessed lighting in the ceiling, but also has two windows, adjacent to each other, that let in light from the outside. They also offer a view into the yard, with the landscaping visible. Trees outside help filter the sunlight so it does not shine too strongly through the windows and heat up the room too quickly. Shades also help set the lighting and atmosphere. This is especially important thanks to Southern California’s sunny climate. For those who prefer a cozier ambience, the shades, lighting, and other features allow the room to shift with the mood.

The walls are also painted white to allow light to reflect off the surface and keep everything brighter, even if players want a cozier atmosphere. Light wood flooring complements the overall design. It helps players see as they enjoy a round of pool or shuffleboard.

West State’s Designer game tables fill this room, while allowing enough room for several games to happen simultaneously. Players do not need to worry about bumping into each other or ruining their game.

The shuffleboard is placed against one wall, underneath a window. It features natural walnut, oiled to a shine. Warmer tones help add a sense of class and elegance to the space, bringing to mind traditional pool tables without the old-school design. The pool table is made to match, with the addition of black Teflon-coated billiards cloth. This keeps the billiard top from standing out too much, but it also makes the oiled walnut shine even more.

These homeowners now have two high-quality game tables that will last them for years to come. West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer the best game furniture in the industry, including our own designer line. Our customers deserve the best, which is why our staff takes the time to help you find the perfect fit for your residence.

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