Natural Pool Table And Shuffleboard Set In Laguna Hills

Natural Pool Table And Shuffleboard Set2

The owners of this Laguna Hills home wanted a pair of game tables to enhance their living room den. With help from West State associate, Paul Lockhart, they chose matching pool and shuffleboard tables that reflect their Asian-inspired design.

This home uses unique windows and arches to bring a sense of personality and subtly reference common Chinese architecture styles, such as the moon gate. When paired with the white walls, a traditional octagonal window, and a large window taking up the far wall, the effect recalls traditional Chinese gardens.

Chinese design emphasizes balance, harmony, and the connection between humans and nature. To adhere to this, the owners also opted for a blue rug that is reminiscent of water, with wavy lines and flecks that imitate sunspots on a pond. The large window lets in plenty of natural light, too. A soft green chair recalls both nature and the jade color often found in other forms of Chinese architecture and design.

Sconces with bronze finishes and warm lighting offer soft, ambient lighting during the day and a warm glow in the evening, creating a cozy atmosphere perfect for entertaining. To further this cozy but natural feeling, the pool and shuffleboard tables are finished in Toast, a cool-toned brown that works well with the cooler green and blue hues in the room. This finish also allows the wood’s natural grain to shine through, keeping the natural element needed for a traditional design.

The Menlo pool table features a precision-leveled chassis set atop legs arranged so they create inverted, curved arches. This calls back to the moon gate entryway and plays into the other curved elements in the design. It also helps lend some stability to the design as a balance to the more flowing elements. The top is finished with a camel-colored cloth to keep the earthy tones present in the rest of the table and to mimic the top of the shuffleboard.

Like the pool table, the Menlo shuffleboard is also finished in Toast, which beautifully contrasts the beechwood playing surface. It also features a similar camel-colored cloth surrounding the playing surface to match the pool table.

Both are manufactured by California House, one of the premier billiards and game table manufacturers in the industry. Every piece is made of 100% solid, kiln-dried hardwood frames and bases. With unique finishes and high-quality materials, these owners are sure to enjoy hours, and even years, of gameplay.

Local installation expert Jeff Burd helped with the delivery and installation of this set. Our white-glove delivery ensures that all our customers can enjoy their latest purchase as soon as possible. West State is proud to offer such high-quality pieces to all our clients nationwide. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right pieces to create a dream game room you’ll love to be in. Come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms or view our inventory online today!

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