The Shanahan Family’s New Origami Pool Table by the Ocean!

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Story and photos by: Daniel Busch

California House’ was made for this! 

This is the exquisite, Origami Pool Table from a brand name you can trust, ‘California House’. The Origami pool table was designed and built for contemporary entertaining spaces and is an instant statement piece in any room.


The Shanahan’s attraction! 

Earlier this March, Mr. and Mrs. Shanahan had a surprise waiting at home for their three kids, ages 10, 14 and 15. This brand new, ‘Origami’ model pool table, manufactured by California House has earned a spot as a centerpiece of their beautiful, Cape Cod style home nestled away in Malibu Canyon, California. Mrs. Shanahan explains that when guests walk through their front door they will appreciate both, the interior design and the invitation to play.

A competitive family

The Shanahans spent several weeks at different retail locations until finding everything they need at West State Billiards. They have always been a sports and game oriented family, with their young ones who are highly active swimmers, surfers, football and soccer players; it doesn’t stop there. Games at home are also dominant, with regular poker nights, ping pong, even corn-hole; and now they can enjoy the game of pool on the Origami table.


  • Features a factory pre-assembled, precision leveled chassis for superior play.
  • 100% solid kiln-dried hardwood frame and base for durability.
  • Integrated rail & apron unit for supreme strength.
  • 1″ thick diamond honed and backed 3-piece slate.
  • 100% vegetable tanned leather pocket with black walnut plug for pleasing ball drop sound.
  • Fast and accurate K66 profile cushion rubber.
  • Multi-step, post-catalyzed lacquer finish for tremendous beauty and durability.
A subtle difference between the gray and black pocket liners


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Delivery and installation

This installation process was carried out by the ‘father and son’ team with West State Billiards, Julio and Anthony Lopez who, brought with them almost a dozen choices of cloth and pocket colors for the Shanahans who, decided on the black, cushion color and slate-gray bed, Simonis Cloth color combination. The Lopez’s were finished within 3 hours time, leaving behind the new Origami Pool Table, Aramith Premium Tournament Balls and some pre-selected, ‘West State Billiards’ billiard cues.

The final look

The Shanahans are more than happy with their new pool table from West State Billiards. They now have a centerpiece to their home that expresses their passion for games and provides them with an outlet for their competitive nature and love of sports.












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