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The RS2 football table is our original model. This is where it all began. Our goal was to take the football table out of the garage and move it into the spaces where we do our living. We aimed for it to speak the language of design with the other furniture in the room. It’s an item that contains moments of fun: the Sunday morning game with the family in the garden; laughter in the local bar with friends; or during some downtime at work, scoring a few stress-busting goals. This is a football table that stands out from the crowd thanks to its industrial design, sleek lines and elegant colours, not to mention its details, such as its glass-holders for all four players and its rubber-base levellers. It’s manufactured in steel with a polyester paint finish, or in stainless steel in the case of the outdoor models. Thanks to its high-quality, hardwearing materials, this table is ready for intense use and a long life at your side. Each colour (white, black, red, grey, blue and green) comes with standard teams. However, the RS2 is customisable. You can choose your favourite teams, the tactical formation (3-3-4 or 2-5-3) and the pitch colour. You can decide whether to have players with legs joined together or two legs. You can have male players, female players or mixed teams, and you can choose the colour of their skin. You can even have logos. Design your own RS2 and make it a unique item. The game begins
White (RAL 9016) Black (RAL 9005) Red (RAL 3020) Blue (RAL 5001) Grey (RAL 7044) Green (NCS S 7005-B80G) Inox (Shot Blasted Stainless Steel)

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